I spent two summers in Google Summer of Code doing C++ application development for the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (CGAL). The CGAL project is a team that aims to provide standard implementations of geometric data structures and algorithms, and I worked with the team maintaining the 2D arrangements of curves data structure. The project was to port and extend an interactive visualization of these data structures and demonstrate their usage by constructing and executing queries on them. Below are some screenshots that show off some of the features. The latest code is being prepared to be merged with the main branch, but you may find the current code on github here.


My thesis project is distortion-minimizing surface mapping and deformation, and I do use C++ and Linux shell scripting to get things done. I’ve created a set of command-line tools that supports a basic surface mapping pipeline. I also have some GUI tools for manipulating and visualizing meshes and mesh correspondences. Unfortunately, the code is not distributable in its current state, but I use a handful of open source libraries and write up what I learn about them to give back to the community. For more information and academic references, please see my academic site by clicking the UCD button on the top right of the page.


My participation in open source projects is serendipitous and driven by curiosity and my personal urge to “scratch an itch”. As a result, my github account is filled with assorted projects that are menial and developer-focused. Please see my repo overview to see what I’ve done.