As I sit here sinking into sleepiness on the last hour of the last night of 2014, I thought I’d spend a bit of time to reflect.

I was very fortunate to have had safe trips to three countries this year. It was hectic at times, and I want to thank my friends who put up with me – you know who you are. I think I’m actually a frustrating person to be around sometimes, especially when things are hectic, but it’s great to have friends who understand and can help pull me out of that.

I think I’ve gained some real perspective in this year. I think part of it has to do with moving into Nina’s geometry lab. Having a cube to come to and work regularly with others gave me some much needed regularity in my daily routine.

Actually, the regularity of weekday workdays isn’t enough, and I always felt disconnected when work ends at the end of the day or the big context swap happens during the weekend. I think the big change for me seems to be a sense of awareness of time that I got from traveling. Somewhere, someone is working. I’m about to go to sleep, but in Europe, the day is just beginning. Once I wake up, my friends in east Asia will be winding down for bed.

It might sound stupidly obvious, but I feel more aware that time is continuous. Because of this, I feel like I’m mentally in a much more wakeful state, and I’m much more deliberate with how I spend my time. I’m waking up pretty early on a regular basis, probably somewhere around 6. I’m happy about this because I can really divide the day into three evenly weighted chunks delimited by meals where I can get things done.

It’s probably too late to get to sleep before the fireworks go off, but I should go. Maybe sleep with white noise playing through the earphones. I want to see the sunrise tomorrow. I’ll post part 2 of this blog with my resolutions. For now, enjoy these photos highlighting my 2014. Thanks for the memories.