I’m a computer scientist in grad school at UC Davis doing geometry processing – this involves turning scans of things like brains and skulls into triangle meshes, then mapping and comparing them. I’m interested in how the brain learns and like to learn myself: things that I like include mindhacks, the real-time strategy game Starcraft II, and languages — I have a minor in Chinese and am currently self-studying Japanese.

  • Resume - It’s actually a copy of my CV.
  • GPG public key - Here’s my public key if you want to send me something privately.

Me on the web

Some fun facts about the setup of this project include:

  • Bitbucket – You can get a glimpse of my research code here.
  • Github – I am a fan of open source, and I am going to release an open-source version of my research code, and other projects, here. See also my developer journal at
  • Stack Overflow – I try answer questions about the open source tools I use on a daily basis.
  • Academic site - I’m a senior grad student, so I’ll spruce this up with my life’s work as it develops this academic year.
  • Twitter - Just for fun stuff here.